Police Arrest The New Gay Gang In Town Robbing And Sodomizing Men


Police officers have arrested a group of 6 men who has been disturbing residents in Embakasi area by stealing and raping men.

Their arrest was as a result of a tip off from the public after a video clip they released recently went viral

In the video the gang was seen sodomizing a resident after which they stole his money and valuables.

Source reveal that they record videos of all their victims before taking their belongings. However 6 suspected men were arrested by the police and taken to court.

The gang is a mixture of men and women namely Franklin Odhiambo, Eric Mainga ,Dennis Macharia,Caroline Mulei ,Christopher Muinde and other two are said to have raped another victim on September 21.

These men are heavily armed with knives, pistols and bottles and they use women to lure the men to their trap.