Pastor Boils The Bibble, Force Followers To Drink The Soup; This Happened


Controversial Malawian pastor, Bushiri, has shocked his followers after he boiled Holy Bible and ordered the congregation to drink the soup extracted from the Bible.

Bushiri, who had a full church yester night, old followers that “Bible Soup” could cleanse their sins as soon as the water settles in their stomach.

“God spoke to me tonight and revealed to me that he has seen my congregation ascend to heaven.

He however instructed me to boil my bible and cleanse my people before they go to the holy land”, said Bushiri.

The congregation was seen scrambling for the little water which was served in spoons.

One of the members of his church said after drinking the soup, “I have never drank water with such a taste, I now believe heaven is real”.

After the miracle, we are all waiting Bushiri’s congregation to ascend to heaven before the New Year.