Notorious Goat Rapists Gives a 5 Minutes Confession as to Why He Rapes Goats


Notorious serial goat rapist Gabrielle Simiyu was caught pants down raping a neighbor’s goat in the wee hours of night.

Richard Wanyonyi,who is the goat owner told the press that he heard strange noise coming from his animals’ shed and upon inspection he found Simiyu quenching his s3xual thirst on his goat.


Wanyonyi says Simiyu attempted to run away but was by angry villagers who wanted to beat him silly due to his reputation of being serial goat rapist.

“Mi naomba tu ata kama watu wako hapa wanisaidie tu, waende tu waniangalie tu yani, mi sijui nko na shida gani” Translation: Even though people are here am just begging for help. I want to be checked because I don’t know what problem I have.” remorseful Simiyu confessed stating that he had passion for engaging in acts of bestiality

On July 2016, A man who was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in jail for committing an unnatural act with a cow in Nyeri was set free.

Jackson Kiruga Githaiga got his freedom after High court Judge John Mativo reduced his sentence on grounds that it was “harsh and excessive”.

By the time of his release, the man has already served one year and eleven months in prison.

Cases of bestiality have been highly reported in Mount Kenya region.