Njoki- Detained At Buru Buru Police Station After Her Plans To Kill Husband Went South

bilha njoki
bilha njoki

The wife of a Kenya Airports Authority employee and three others are detained waiting to face attempted murder charges

Bilha Njoki (the estranged wife), Lucy Njeri, Peter Kakungi and Jimmy Waititu were accused of plotting to kill Muraya Mwangi on June 22 in Buruburu, Nairobi.

According to Police, Njoki had hired hitmen to kill her husband but police got wind of the plans and laid a trap to catch her.“Detectives tricked her that he had been killed and his body dumped in Dandora.”

The story goes that after receiving news of Muraya’s ‘death’, she asked her brother Kakungi and his friend Waititu to the crime scene to make sure that indeed the husband had died.

The two met detectives who were pretending to be hitmen had spilled ‘blood’ on Muraya’s body.

Kakungi and Waititu celebrated when they saw the ‘body’, calling Njoki to confirm that indeed her husband was dead.

That is when the officers revealed their identity, handcuffed them and confiscated their phones.

The detectives asked the pair to to reveal the woman’s whereabouts and gathered sufficient evidence before making the arrest.

Police traced Njoki near Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in a black Toyota Harrier in the company of her sister Njeri.

The hitman was to be paid Sh500,000 but Njoki had allegedly given a down payment of Sh100,000.

The balance of Sh400,000 which was to be paid after confirmation that her husband was dead, was recovered from the car.

According to the source, Muraya told police that he married her in 2007 and that they have two children.

He said their marriage hit a snag and they got separated in 2014 and that the children have been in his custody