Mother ‘Sells’ Newborn Twins for Sh400, 000 Each

Mother ‘Sells’ Newborn Twins for Sh400, 000 Each
Mother ‘Sells’ Newborn Twins for Sh400, 000 Each

A woman in Nairobi’s Githurai estate has allegedly sold her newborn twins for Sh400,000 each after a safe delivery at Kiambu Level 4 Hospital.

Relatives of Ms Joyce Wandia, a second-time mother, were treated to a rude shock when they arrived at the hospital to welcome the babies only for Wandia to tell them they had passed on

When the family asked to be shown the bodies, hospital attendants told them that their kin had safely delivered ‘Wazungu’ twins.

Ms Joyce had earlier made a call to her mother saying the children died after birth.

Reports suggest that the woman was impregnated by her Arab employer while she was working in the Middle East and she did not want anything to do with the babies. 

She is alleged to have fled the hospital with her twin babies despite earlier reports that indicated the newborns were taken by children services to the KNH.

Meanwhile, Wandia has gone missing leaving her relatives wondering whether the twins are alive or dead