Meet The Meru King Of Polygamy Who Inherited Polygamy From His Father

robert kathat
robert kathata

Middle aged man in meru is shocking the word after he revealed he is practicing the tradition of polygamy that he inheritated from his late father

The man, Robert Kathata, 36, fromIgembe Central Constituency in Meru County has 17 wives and 31 children.

The wives say they live very well and they are comfortable with how they are well kept

“I married when I was 18 years old. Our culture allows for polygamy – and I have inherited the tradition from my father. I am proud to manage many wives and make sure all my children go to school. I am a living testimony that a man can keep many wives peacefully.”

“I stay for two weeks at one woman’s home and move on to the next for the same period – and the cycle continues.”

“I talk to them (wives) every day and counsel them how they can live in harmony. I would always like to balance them in a proper way so that they don’t embarrass me in one way or the other.”

“I have constructed a house for each of my wives so that they become comfortable. 14 of my wives come from Meru region and the other three come from Marsabit, Nairobi and Nyeri.”

“I have 31 children and I am still expecting to have more as tradition demands. I must follow in the footsteps of my father. I am going to marry more wives so that I can match up with my father.”