Matatu Driver Caught Stuck On Someone’s Wife After Eating Her Cookie Jar


Residents of Magembe village in Tharaka South, woke up a sight unfamiliar to most when a matatu driver was caught having ‘stuck’ to a woman who was believed to be someone’s wife.

The two had spent the night in the matatu, which was owned by the driver, partaking in their forbidden pleasures in the dead of the night only to be found in the wee hours of the morning, with their genitalia stuck together at the back seat of the matatu

According to our source, the matatu had been parked by the roadside on Tuesday its usual parking place.

Residents gathered to witness the bizarre spectacle, as the two adulators were found on the back seat of the matatu at around 6am frantically struggling to disengage from one another

The husband to the woman who was caught having sex in the matatu was among the by standers and demanded to be paid before he could separate them.

The matatu driver begged the man for forgiveness and offered to pay the man Sh10,000 for committing adultery with his wife.

The man then mumbled some incoherent phrases and the two disengaged with their genitals appearing swollen.

The two perpetrators were then taken to Chiakariga Police Post.

Residents said the two were ‘locked’ to each other through an act of witchcraft and which only the woman’s husband could separate them.