Maseno Gay Students Given Dog’s Beating And Expelled After Caught In The Act


Maseno gay students Expelled Allegedly After Busted Having S3(x) In School Toilet

The two gay students from Maseno Secondary School received a dog’s beating allegedly caught intimately in the facility toilet

The school’s principal took a immediate disciplinary action of expelling the duo claiming that the school has no room for such acts

Months ago, Kenyan man, Ben Gitau abandoned bachelorhood after tying the knot with American Mathematics professor, Steve Damelin.

The union which is legal in the state of Michigan saw Mr Gitau become the wife of Professor Damelin.

It is still the same time when Mark Odhiambo , who is a priest and four others stepped on corridors of justice to seek orders to protect the rights of sexual minorities.

They claimed that they have been subjected to public attacks, arbitrary arrests by the police and discrimination purely on the basis of their perceived or actual imputed sexual orientation.