Man Shot on His Private Part after Caught Eating another Man’s Wife


A Nairobi man was recently shot on his privates after he was caught with another man’s wife

The shameful free cinema was witnessed in Lumumba drive , Roysambu last week

On Thursday, December 1, a man was found inside the house of another man noisily ravaging the forbidden fruit.

An altercation ensued forcing the owner of the house to use his licensed firearm.

A story going round on social media has it that he whipped his Beretta from his shoulder and took an aim at the adulterous man.

The bullet was meant for his belly but it missed within inches and hit the very spot that had been pleasuring the married woman moments before.

The nearby housing estates are now going by the name #fornicationzone owing to the larger number of couples committing adultery.

The incident comes days after another man got stuck to a married woman while squizing her cookie jar in kisii county