This lady Wants Her Tycoon Ex Husband Restricted From Their Lavington Home, Pay Her 10 Million As Insurance

wambui and her lawyer
wambui and her lawyer

Nairobi tycoon Michael Njeru has been trending for quite sometime following an order by a magistrate over their failed marriage.

Mr. Njeru who is the proprietor of Transcend Media Group had been locked in divorce case with his wife of 21 years, Anne Evelyn Wambui.

The court had ordered him not to travel out of the country on top of freezing the license for his firearm as his ex wife told the court she was fearing Njeru could use the weapon on her and her children.

Nairobi Principal Magistrate Daniel Ole Keiwa has ordered the police to arrest Mr. Njeru when he returns home after he defied court order and flew to Maputo, Mozambique.

Njeru’s wife has caused a buzz with her ridiculously extravagant demands

Wambui wants her husband to be restricted from accessing their matrimonial home in Lavington on top of paying her Kes 1.3 million as monthly upkeep, 3.3 million as her children’s school fees and Kes 10 million as insurance cover.

Wambui filed for divorce over claims of assault, cruelty, infidelity and lack of respect in their 21-year marriage.