Lady Gave Birth to 11 Babies WITHOUT Undergoing C-section Procedure


Specialists where stunned when a 42-year-old lady gave birth to 11 solid young baby boys.

They said that it was a miracle. Mariya Fernandes, gave birth to an offspring in the wake of experiencing just two hours of labor.

Fernandez and her spouse chose to undertake in Vitro Fertilization (IVF), because of the reason that they were both frantic to be a parent and had difficulty concieving. They were astonished when they got 11 babies, which is a great deal more than they had wished for.

Six of the 11 young men are identical twins all between 1 pound – 1.5 pounds.

They are as of now in stable condition in the neonatal intensive care unit at Riley Children’s Hospital.

What astounded specialists the most was the successful delivery without undergoing caesarian operation

Speaking to plus254 news, Dr. William Roberts said: They actually came out in a steady progression.

From the time the first infant came out, and the eleventh child was born, it was just 37 minutes.

Ideally, Mariya Fernandes and her family will be enlisted in the 2015 release of the Guinness Book of World Records since the facilitie’s staff have reached them and given all the important data