Kisii Again! Cheating Wife Gets Stuck In The Act Bringing The Entire Estate To a Halt


For the second time in less than a year, a couple got stuck in the act in Kisii region much to the chagrin on the Kisii town residents

The duo, a married woman who had sought chimney-cleaning services from her clandestine lover who also lives in the town

A Kamba witchdoctor who is currently stationed in Kisii town has yet again helped nab an adulterous couple that was doing the act in one of the town’s man lodgings.

This time, the couple was carried on the back of a pick-up truck and taken around town where residents could hear them squealing like mice- obviously in pain.

The pick up which was carrying them was caught in traffic around the Equity bank in Kisii resulting in a commotion of sorts.

Police manning the Equity bank had to shoot in the air to disperse curious onlookers who were clamoring to take photos of the stuck lovers.

They were taken to the witch-doctor who reversed the magic that got them disengaged. Speaking to K24, the witch doctor from Kisii used what she termed as ‘Kamuti’ on request from the man whose wife was cheating.

The woman who was carried with the mattress in which she had been sinning in could be heard whining above the din, worried that she would succumb to the searing pain.

Her husband,an elderly man said that he was still in love with her but wanted the lad who was eating his woman to be punished.

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