Kakamega Man Sells His Wife To Best Friend; Reason Is Shocking!!


There was shock in Kakamega town, when a boda boda rider decided to trade his wife for Sh500 to quench his thirst for soda.

The 32 year-old only known as Tusker offered his wife as collateral when he obtained the cash from his best friend.

His friends said the ‘buyer’ they identified as Small had long been the woman’s secret admirer but had been afraid of seducing her because of the friendship.

They also said the 26-year old woman’s demands could not be sustained by her husband’s meagre income.

Small, 30, said he knew it was time to strike when he realised his friend had been struggling to keep his woman happy.

“His wife visited our work place one day and I fell in love with her. To clear my conscience, I approached him and told him his wife was very beautiful. I had sleepless nights. When Tusker asked me for some money to buy a soda, I jokingly asked if he could lend me his wife. And at around 9 am, he came with her to where we park our boda bodas and told me to take her with me as I had asked,” he said.

Small said he looked at the woman, turned her around and confirmed that she was in “good condition”.

“I was surprised. I hugged the woman and asked Tusker to confirm if he was serious and he did. We shook  hands, I gave him Sh500 and we parted as our friends cheered,” he said.

Other riders said Tusker was desperate as he had no money to cater for his wife on New Year.