Horrible Story! Man Kill Mother Over S3X Scandal


A boda boda operator who brutally killed his mother has confessed his crime saying that circumstance forced him to end the life of his mom.

A 33-year old boda boda operator in Ogun State, Nigeria was arrested after he stabbed his mother, Abimbola Ogunlusi, to death.

Mr. Segun Ogunlusi confessed his crime to the police on December 20th; he revealed that his mother’s unceasing demand for sex from him compelled him to end her life.

He explained that he sneaked up on his mother while she was in the kitchen and stabbed her in the stomach. He then tried to burn her corpse with kerosene but it didn’t catch fire forcing him to dump it in a pit.

“My mother kept saying if I had sex with her I would be free. On a particular Tuesday morning, when two of us were at home, she was in the kitchen, I walked up to her and stabbed in the stomach and she died. I poured kerosene on her corpse in a bid to burn her but it did not catch fire. Later, I dumped the corpse in a soakaway pit,” Segun Ogunlusi was quoted by Ripples Nigeria.