Heavily Pregnant Woman Goes To Hospital To Deliver Only To Findout She Was Not Pregnant


Middle aged lady and her boyfriend whom they had dated for only two months fell pregnant immediately the chemistry blossomed

At 16 weeks she informed her husband who was then her boyfriend that she was pregnant not only with one child but five.


Its was all joy as they were expecting quintuplets!.The belly grew bigger as Days and months passed by and delivery time knocked.

She checked in at one of Canada prestigious hospitals while in intense labour pains.

Shock engulfed when the hubby was informed that the woman was not pregnant in the first place

All was a second time publicity stunt she pulled to confuse the poor naïve man.

It’s possible she was suffering from pseudocyesis, or phantom pregnancy. This is a condition wherein women experience symptoms similar to pregnancy, such as a swollen belly and morning sickness, without an actual fetus being present.

When a woman wants so desperately to become pregnant, her body may actually “trick” itself into believing that it is. Her belly swells, her breasts enlarge, and sometimes even fetal movement can be felt.