Gladys Kamande Underwent Fissurectomy Surgery Not Respiratory (Evidence)


Gladys Wairimu Kamande won Kenyan’s  hearts sometimes back after her pictures on oxygen went viral.

With the help of the one social media influencer Nyoro Ndungu, Kenyans turned out inlarge numbers and collected a whopping 9.6 Million to aid in her respiratory treatment in India.


Months later, details have emerged that all that was a conning tussle that was successfully managed and executed.

After a follow up on the same, it has emerged that, it is true she proceeded to india for surgery  but not respiratory surgery as Kenyans were made  to believe.

Miss Kamande underwent FISSURECTOMY which is a surgery done to Repair a torn Anus and HAEMORROIDECTOMY which is also a surgery to remove HEAMORROIDS

It is reported that the surgery costed her only Ksh 150,000.

Days ago, the lady in question locked horns with Mr. Nyoro over the remaining funds. Apparently, Nyoro is said to be managing the account with the funds.