Fresh Details Emerge On The Mother Who Locked Her Child To Die in the Car, Went Enjoying Her ‘Mpango wa kando’


It is a  sad day after reports came out that a 8 year old  boy  Enos Barasa   met his death in her mothers car due to suffocation while her mother was with a mpango wa kando in a lodging.

The incident that happened in the neighboring Bungoma County revealed that the woman identified as Christine Nasimiyu and her rogue mpango wa kando called Ng’ang’a went on a romping spree at a nearby lodging during lunch hour and locked the boy in the vehicle.


The two love birds left the little boy with three bottles of soda as they went to have their ‘lunchtime meal’ at a lodging in Mateka Market, Bungoma County

After investigations the news turned out that actually the boy had died out of a bad beating with a rod and he had major injuries on his head as the DNA came out.

Apparently Christine the boy’s mother is a window and a mother of five, Enos Barasa was her last born.

The widow and her lover are still being held at Bungoma Police Station pending police to conclude the case and hand the file over to state prosecutors