Emerging Details! Jackline Mwende Was Chopped off Hands After She Did This To Her Husband

ngila and mwende
ngila and mwende

Jackline Mwende, she is the woman whom her hands were chopped off by her husband allegedly failed to bore him a child

The incident happened in Machakos County, Kenya on July 23, 2016 which also left her deaf in one ear.

The husband  appeared in court on August 5. But before that, a new twist regarding the cruel act is that the affected lady was at the centre of it.

Through social media chat- whatsapp chat- group called Mbaa Ivae, person, also neighbor by the name shadrack has revealed the truth of the matter.

On his chat he says that mwende has been tormenting the husband in a series of infidelity acts.

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