Emerging Details Of A Con Pastor Demanding Sexual Favours From Female Followers

Emerging Details Of A Con Pastor Demanding Sexual Favors From Female Followers

Zachariah Baricho popularly known as “Nabii Wanyonyi” of Belishiba Church in Muhoho Village, has also been allegedly conning followers.

Over 100 residents of Gatundu South in Kiambu County, took to the streets on Tuesday to protest over a self-proclaimed prophet who has been demanding sexual favors from his congregation.

“Some of the women also claimed that the prophet has been soliciting sexual favours from female members of the congregation claiming that the spirit has directed him to sleep with the women seven times, failure to which they are branded witches,” Citizen Digital reports.

One of the protesters, a former worshipper, said she left the church after Nabii Wanyonyi claimed the spirit had directed him to marry her.

The irate locals accused the prophet of wrecking a number of families following his habit of borrowing money and food from elderly people.

The residents have threatened to burn the father of 12 alive if authorities don’t intervene and close his church.