Drama In Kisii As Husband And Wife Meet In Same Lodging With ‘mpango’


Members of public in Kisii town were treated with drama after husband and wife bumped to each other in guest house near Mombasa Hotel in Kisii town.

According to eye witness in Kisii, the two had hooked up with their mpango wa kando secretly before checking up later into the guest house.

There was reportedly a loud bang just outside the guest room and people were rushing there to see what was happening.

The wife who was coming out of shower was first to come out and as she was running to scene from 1st floor, He met her husband moving out from guest room in the ground floor with short and unbuttoned shirt.

Forgetting they were both guilty, they caused drama with each demanding answers from one another.

But obviously it was the man who was more infuriated and  thought the wife was at home. The wife also hit back at her husband for cheating he was traveling for business meeting with client in Nairobi.

Realizing people a large crowd was gathering, they both disappeared to the the thin air demanding answers.

According to eye witness the wife was aware of cheating husband and was revenging on him as the wife was not very much shocked by incident.

The couple has not been reached for comments but at this rate couples are cheating, we except more drama