Company Selling Human Body Parts Intercepted In Kenya!



New revelations have emerged indicating that a Kenyan company listed with the registrar of companies by the name Absheikh firm, has been smuggling human body partsin and out the country


The details emerged after the firm’s founders, Business Associates Ali Hussein Ali and Ibrahim Mukhtar Abasheikh, were charged in a Nairobi Court over trafficking body parts to India and China

According to our source, Between November 2016 and April 2017, Ali and Absheikh allegedly acquired Sh3 Million from Mr Abdikadir who is a well-known operative of the Magafe Human Trafficking Network.

This comes barely days after a restaurant in Anambra, Nigeria was closed down after its activities of selling human flesh came to the knowledge of local leaders.

Police were informed about the restaurant’s activities by local leaders and residents, where they rushed to the scene and were shocked to see two human heads; still fresh, oozing blood according to the BBC.

The blood was being drained into a polythene bag, perhaps going to be served as a different delicacy.

The police arrested six women and four men in connection with the crime.

At the time of arrest, they managed to recover an AK-47 rifle while other weapons including sets of grenades, and several mobile phones.