Coastal Couple Leaks the Steamiest Sextape You Have Ever Seen( Video)


This one is extremely NSFW! I had to start off with a warning. The one thing Indians are known for -other than their Hindu faith, is Kamasutra.

The book that details hundreds if not thousands of different sexual positions. I have read abit of the book and it’s lit! But I have always said Indians have nothing on Africans in general and Waswahili when we get down to exorcising the devils in the details.

According to the source, the guys from the coast are savages about getting down to do the do. They do not play at all. So what happens when a Mswahili lass gets down with an ordinary run of the mill lad?

Are you kidding, this will be one of the shortest love stories. But when a Swahili lass and lad decide to record their shenanigans and share, it becomes something worth learning from.

Study this like a documentary. Learn from it. Aspire to be like the guys in the video I am about to share with you