In Case You Ever Wondered How Much Vera Sidika Charges For S(3)x

Vera Sidika Finally Introduces Her Sponsor For The Whole World To See ( PHOTOS)
vera sidika

Back in 2015, a Vera Sidika supposed client exposed the socialite’s rate card – the much (in millions) it would take a rich man to bed her for one week, she also specifies a two-day rest.

As has been hinted above, the figure goes well into millions with half of it paid in advance before she hops on a plane to the host’s country – and of course just like any professional worth her salt, you pay for her return air ticket as well.

For Kenyans, lets say one has hit Sportpesa jackpot and is thinking for a way to possibly reduce the book balance in a heavenly manner, one of the surest ways would be to spend a night with Vera Sidika.

Which of course will come will bragging rights within your circle of pervs

The tale goes that a client last year contacted Vera Sidika pretending to be a rich oil baron, but little did she know she was being exposed.

It turned out that the requirements to have the socialite warm your bed are easy; Just book her a return air ticket (Business class, I hope) and deposit into her bank account, half the money that she will charge you for dipping your finger in her honeypot.

Normally, the conversation begins on social media. If you feel rich enough, you inbox her and she will text you back. But if for some reasons you appear like someone who has never seen Moet since leaving their mother’s crib, you will be ignored.

For a one-week debauchery with Vera, it will cost you about 15,000 Euros which is equivalent to slightly over KSh 1.5 million

NOW YOU KNOW, Think creatively, get yourself a decent girl, marry and invest for your future