Bungoma Man, Simiyu Arrested After He Was Caught Raping Neighbors Goat (RAW VIDEO)


A boda boda operator in Kabuchai constituency, Bungoma County, was literally caught pants down in the wee hours of the night as he engaged in sexual acts with a neighbour’s goat.

The source reports that the unbelievable incident happened on the night of Friday, November 4.

According to Richard Wanyonyi, the owner of the goat caught Gabrielle Simiyu, 26, in action when he checked the shed at his Nangwe village home after hearing a commotion by the goats.

“I heard the goats bleating when I was sleeping and decided to go and find out why. It was dark so I took my time and when I reached there I saw someone jump and go to the cow shed but he forgot his shoes,” Richard Wanyonyi noted.

Wanyonyi went on to narrate how after speaking to boda boda operators at a nearby stage, they informed him that the shoes belonged to Simiyu who was their colleague.

But the story gets even more interesting as Wanyoni also claimed that Simiyu confessed to him he had sex with the animal after women rejected him at a funeral earlier that night.

Simuyu who was at a funeral dance on the said night, told with the goat owner how he was unlucky since all the women said no to him.

The culprit however denied claims by some residents that he had done so before with a cow and a chicken.

“I have a serious problem and need help. Every time I approach a girl she refuses and it really pains me,” he said. ”I am appealing to well-wishers to take me to a doctor or a specialist so the problem I have can be identified,” Simiyu pleaded.

But irate villages who wanted to lynch him for embarrassing the community, suspect he was under the influence of drugs

Simiyu was taken to Nalondo veterinary centre together with the goat for the extraction of exhibit to facilitate legal action.

Below is the video of the drama: