Bungoma Man Kills Wife After She Delayed Serving Him ‘UGALI’ (VIDEO)


Middle aged  man in Bungoma County on Monday Night k!lled his wife, following a domestic row.

It is reported that the wife allegedly delayed serving him Ugali, angering the hu-sband, who in turn picked a stove that was being used on cooking, and threw it at her, including the food that was being prepared, burning her back severely.


Neighbours in Tenstar estate, Bungoma town, described the rogue husband as a serial drunkard who doesn’t provide for his family

“He came yesterday (Monday) while drunk and asked her why she was cooking so late. She told him they had no issue and the food would be ready within few minutes, He then went out, came back and gave her a blow which made her fall on the seat. He then took the stove, and the food, and threw them on her back, burning her.” narrated Anne Manyora, a neighbour.

Janerose Sebei later died at Khalaba Medical Services Hospital, after giving her last interview, to the press

“He threw a burning stove at me, sending me on the floor. That’s when I started shouting, calling for help, saying I am burning inside here, please open the door for me to get. My sister then came in to save me,” Janerose said, before she succumbed to her injuries, Tuesday

Confirming the inc!dent, Bungoma South OCPD Joseph Tunoi indicated the suspect flee after the inc!dent, and was yet to be arrested. He affirmed the police were on ground, hunting him.