Awkward Moment; Couple Busted Having S3x In Public By Police, The Whole Session Interrupted ( Video)


Liveleak the immortal Ron Burgundy once said ‘When it’s right it’s right, why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?’

And it turns out the answer to that question is circumstantial – if you are at home and fancy some afternoon delight, go for it.

If you are in a public car park however, maybe just wait.

This couple learned that lesson the excruciatingly awkward way as police pulled into the car park, bringing the horny buggers to a highly embarrassing stop

As reported by the Daily Star, the video was originally uploaded to Liveleak back in 2014 but has been doing the rounds once more.

There is little evidence to suggest precisely where the footage was captured, but in their infinite wisdom the paper says the pair were caught in ‘what looks like a car park in London’ – not being experts on the capital’s parking infrastructure who are we to argue

The couple’s fate following the incident is unknown, but I’m assuming they learned their lesson from one of the worst case scenarios possible actually unfolding before them