Anne Njeri Wants Her Husband Who Won 20M Jackpot To Take Her Back

joseph onywera
joseph onywera

Anne Njeri, the alleged former wife to the new millionaire in Kenya, Mr. Joseph Onywera who won Ksh. 20 million.

it is alleged that she left the poor husband sometimes and now she is ready to practice her rights as the legal wife to the new area Millionaire.

It is alleged that the wife has threatened to commit suicide if Joseph doesn’t take her back as she claims that it was the devil’s doing that caused her to leave her husband because she wants a piece of the twenty million shillings Joseph Onywera won from betting company Betway.

What do you think, do you think Joseph Onywera should welcome her back with open arms?


  • Matt

    By all means. In modern day and Kenya is one placed where it is very prounced, Marriage is biashara. They stay when there is money, leave when there is none, come back when the money comes back. As long as the certificate shows they are still married the law is on Njeri’s side!