“They wanted me to wear panties, but I didn’t have My Size, I Lost My Job”, Woman Cries Foul

woman with big hips
woman with big hips

The 43 year old South African lady (photo above) is regretting having too much blessings on her behind.

While some ladies are taking desperate measures to enhance their hips size, she wishes there was a way to reduce her size 34 hips which have been tremendously growing since 2008 and not stopping.

“My aunt has to make clothes for me as I can’t find my size at the clothing stores.” Julia said she was told at a hospital to exercise, but that slimmed only her upper body. “When I walk in the street people laugh at me and that makes me feel so small. I am a joke to people. They don’t know the pain I go through.” She often cries herself to sleep. “These hips make my life a nightmare,” she said.

Her last job lasted only a few months. “They wanted me to wear pants, but I didn’t have the size so they told me they had to let me go,” she said.

“I have to pay for two seats in a taxi as I take up so much space.” (Lol, @pay for two seats)

Source Says Julia said her boyfriend has been telling her to lose the hips.“I can’t share a bed with anyone because I take up almost the whole bed,” she said.

Julia hopes someone can help her reduce her hips as she would like to be a mum one day. “I don’t have kids.

I’m afraid I’ll never be a mum because pregnancy might make my condition even worse,” said Julia while talking to a south African news reporter What do you think is she too blessed and do you consider the bigger hips a curse or a blessing ?