‘Be Sure There Are Days I Will Wear Your Socks, Boxers And t-shirts And Dance Around The House’ Kamba Lady Pours Her Heart To Future Husband


Dear future hubby…

Marriage is not easy but ours will be worthwhile in every way… We will not be perfect but be sure we will be very happy in every way we can… I will love you everyday and find reasons to always fight for us

Loyal and faithful

I will give you loyalty and faithfulness you’ll never question it in anyway…
I will respect and submit to you for i know you’ll always make me part of the team.
I will be a good cook for you… I will never miss to cook for you even when i am tired as hell… I will be creative and always make sure the meals will never be boring… Be ready for breakfasts in bed even on weekdays, midnight snacks at the balcony and lunch picnic dates with homemade food.


I will never let the bedroom matters get boring for i know it will just be you and I… The lingerie, the dancing… It won’t be at the bed only and I will always keep my body in shape just for you and be sexy always


I will always keep our house in order and make it to be a place where will always be running to after a hard days… I will put my few interior design skills to make our home elegant. I will invest my money to contribute in our growth of our home in any way i can swty.

Our Empire 

I will want to grow wealth with you and it will never matter to me who brings more money in the house… You are my man what is important is how you’ll lead our family… I will hustle with you and make that ’empire’ together.