VERY SHOCKING CONFESSION: This Is How My Dog Made Me Pregnant *Full Story In Details*


Here is a story of a teenage girl from Mombasa Kenya who became pregnant of her dog. According to her, she has spent most of her time making love to her dog for the past three years now.

she felt in love with this dog few days after she bought it from a white guy who had also bought it from a Chinese old man.

As she explains to us,she had never fallen in love with any man,and when this dog came to her life,she felt very much attached to it.

She loved it very much and they slept on the same bed,she washed it daily and kept it clean always.

“Iam Annah Davechi from Mombasa Kenya and am 16 years old. I live with my parents but they travel regularly for business. Iam a student at one of the private colleges in Mombasa and I have a $3x confession. I know it will be shocking for everybody who will read this but iam explaining everything as it happened. Iam now emotionally attached to an animal and I don’t have human love in me any more. This is a true story and I don’t regret sharing it.

The reason I have decided to exposé myself is because Iam currently under emotional torture. Am pregnant to an animal,a dog,not dog man, but dog dog I mean an animal. This is something I have tried to avoid for long,I used to hear that people or girls sleep with dogs and I could lough very loud but iam now a victim of the same. I will never again lough of something I have no idea of. Maybe its GOd who is trying to punish me but I think I deserve it.

It all started like a joke,a game that became romance and finally lead to $$ual attachment. This dog I bought it from a family friend,it is a very good dog and anybody would wish to have it. I brought it home when my parents weren’t around. I kept it clean because it is the only friend I had. My mum have always warned me to stay away from boys because they could impregnate me. I love my mum very much and I chose not to disobey her.What my mum never told me was that dogs are bad too.

It started when I slept with my dog on the same bed. I love sleeping nxde and I didn’t care much because after all it was just a dog. I was shocked when I woke up and found that my pet was ontop of me. I thought it was the jokes we used to play,but when I looked at its dxck I saw it was long and it was all out.ibwent down the bed and it followed me,and felt by mistake and knelt down and to my surprise, the dog was on my back. You can imaging what happened and I was completely nxde. It digged me very deep. I screamed but there was no one around.

After that day,I decided to be sleeping with it because it was my first love. The dog took my vxginity and so I dont feel love for any human being. I don’t care if people call me a dog because I love it. Now iam six month pregnant of my dog and I don’t know what to do because my parents are not aware. I don’t want to abort my baby dog and I will be very proud to give birth to this amazing creature.”

The above is true story of a young girl who is completely bewildered. She doesn’t know the definition of love and she believes that,dogs can marry human being and live happily ever after