Sad Story! Kenyan Woman Narrates Her Marriage Ordeal That Is Emotionally Abused

abusive marriage
couple arguing

Being in a emotionally abusive relationship is currently termed as the most demeaning and exhausting feeling that drains one’s self esteem.

Emotional abuse can be more indirect. In some cases neither the abuser nor the victim is aware it is happening.

In most seen cases of emotional abuse the man appears to be the abuser while the woman will be on the receiving end, though several studies indicate that both men and women in a intimate relationship abuse one another in a rate that is almost equal

A woman emailed a famous blogger her marriage ordeal explaining how it is to be in such abuse

Her email reads;

“Lots of married women can relate to my story, I am a litrate lady married to a man who doesn’t care about my feelings. Am sure people will wonder if that’s all, but no, that is not all. I am a woman who like the man I married, I have blood flowing through my vain. I have needs.emotional neds that denied me. I beg my husband every day for attention, still! He acts like am unable to be seen

We share the same bed yet I feel so lonely and unwanted .i ve cried, begged yet he wont change. My husband will only came close to me when he desires to ease his immediate sexual want. I cant remember the last time I got a compliment from him. A liss or a hug? Nah, lets not even go there, I fall into depression every mow and then, yet he wont budge, our kids are our only point of contact .i am dying slowing. I don’t have who to talk to, my social life? Is instincts all thanks to him. job?  No way!!!cos other men ask me  out !!!pray, tell me how can I fall for any other man that will show the slightest care. My reason for writing this, I ma dying. Slowly I am loosing my mind,  I am always in and out of hospital for no just cause. Sometimes I think suicide, yes!!! I have considered and still considering suicide except thing will change. And the only reason am still holding on is that I wouldn’t want to leave my kids at the mercy of other women”    

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