Revealed: This is Why KTN’s Betty Kyalllo Covers The Left Side Of Her Neck


KTN’s Betty Kyallo normally covers the left part of her neck, with her scarves or her hair.

Sometimes, that part that few have seen is expertly covered with her lush weaves or shyly with her hand.


Of course you want to know why.

In 2005, when Betty was a form three student at Kangundo girls, she was involved in a terrible road accident.

She broke her left elbow and jaw and fractured her collar bone. Four of her ribs deflated her lungs and her left part of the face was grazed.

It was a miracle that she survived the two months that she spent on a hospital bed. Her mother turned down the offer of graft surgery since Betty already had 8 surgeries in a span of two months.

Miraculously, new skin grew on her face and by 2006 her face was good as new. The only reminder of the near-death experience was the scar that was left on the left part of her neck.

To date, her doctors marvel at the woman she became. It is unbelievable that the girl who only had half a face made such a starling recovery


On a conversation last year, Betty revealed that she was not even aware that she subconsiously covers the scar on her neck.