After Releasing 20 Names Of Sudents She Has Infected With HIV/AIDS,Now Here’s Another List Of Politicians!


A second year female understudy from Moi University, who has contaminated 104 men with HIV, has described how she was tainted with the savage infection when she was a first year understudy.

The poor University woman by the name, Beatrice Wangari, who hails from Murang’a, claims that her honesty was removed from obliviousness amid a Freshaz night and in the wake of testing positive, she guaranteed to exact retribution.

In this way, she has tainted around 104 men with lion’s share of her casualties being understudies who live in Hostel H.  This is what the second year understudy needed to say as she related how she was contaminated;

“I was tainted in my first year. I joined Moi University with trusts and desires of a brighter future.

Upon my confirmation amid the freshaz night, I met this buddy who offered to take me out for a drinking spree. Since I was straight from the town and I had enthusiasm to enterprise and take in a great deal, I innocently acknowledged the offer.

We headed to the well known Bubbles club. It was my first time to taste vodka, at first I denied yet the person demanded.

I constrained the biting stuff down my throat. When we were done we continued to Comfy to spend our night there

In bed the person fu**** me without my assent.

I lamented going along with this brute. My endeavors to deny him were purposeless. \

There I viewed my future being destroyed… ..

Days after the fact, I tried for AIDs and shockingly I was contaminated.

My brain hustled back to that night and I felt so terrible… I first considered submitting suicide however an apprehension let me know you should payback..

I promised that all men must pay for this. My future from that point forward has stayed clear.”