They rape me often, but they don’t know I’m HIV positive


She lives in the streets of Eldoret town together with her four kids. She is currently pregnant with her fifth  baby. From any angle, life has battered her. She has gone through the toughest experiences any woman could go through: living on the streets, HIV positive and with four kids to fend for. Her story was published in the Daily Nation on Tuesday, November 15. below is an adaptation of that story:

“Some people call me Emma, others Mary. I don’t mind either name. I am aged 24, I live in the streets of Eldoret, I am four months pregnant with my fourth baby, and I am HIV-positive.

These streets are chockfull of many like me. We are used to the stares, but, honestly, I can’t stand them.

My days are like those of any other street child; I scavenge to eat, slug it out for a place to put my head at night, and, because I am a woman, spend the better part of the night fighting off loonies trying to rape me.

I have lived that life for nearly eight years now. I came here together with my siblings from Turkana in search of a better life. We did not have anything worth living for at home, and so we embarked on the long journey here, spending nights in the cold and enduring the elements for days on end.

We went our separate ways soon after we arrived in Eldoret after realising — a bit late — that life in the streets is no respecter of family bonds.

I used to look far much better than I do now. Life, really, has been a merciless journey for me. Just as the sheen of youth gradually disappeared from my face, a rapist, also from the streets, knocked off a couple of my teeth as I tried, unsuccessfully, to defend myself one night.

And then the glue I sniffed affected by speech, turning what was once a fluent tongue into a slurring mess……..READ MORE; PAGE 2………..