Names of Kenyan Nurses Who have Revealed How They Willingly Kill Patients


Some Kenyan nurses have undermined their profession after they revealed on a popular Facebook page how they mistreat patients, even going ahead to help them die.

For someone trained as a nurse to entertain such thoughts tells you the problem in our heath sector has nothing to do with salaries and being understaffed. It’s all about our attitude.

Rodabellah Arimba says: “….nways, if you ever get yourself in hospital bed in a life support machine mmh trust me that nurse will unplug it just to charge her phone. When pushed to the wall we can be that baaaad lol”.

Adhis Nyasuba says: I wish I was there, ningemuacha apate 3rd degree tear or given her a generous bilateral episiotomy na nimshone bila lignocaine mdogo mdogo for 2 hours. Then ni niendee huyo bwana yake vizuri.

Liliane mainye says: Huyu (patient) unafaa kuhakikusha amepata 3rd degree tear na akiwa labour room una chuna chuna kidogo!

Nanjala Winny says: Huyu nikimpata nampea i.m aminophyline faster faster aende akiendaga, never to get the life to call people whores.

Lyndah kisalu says: I feel you guys, huyu inafaa umfanyie V.E 1000 times, forced to push at 4cm before the cervix is fully dilated, insist she’s dirty and that she’d shower before you attend to her…”

Rachael Nyaga Leshan says: We also don’t like you patients sumbua, saitan. Doris Kang’ish never go an extra mile for these ungrateful people. Fanya kazi yako yenye unalipwa kufanya, the rest they go drying, or is it dying”

It’s quite a shame that someone can really entertain such wicked thoughts at the expense of helpless patients. God knows how many they have switched off from life support machines.