How Nairobi Prostitutes Use Witchcraft To Bed City Tycoons, Touching Revelation

woman showing cleavage
woman showing cleavage

A reformed Nairobi prostitute has confessed and given touching story about the prostitution life,how she was initiated and how finally left business.

The most shocking part is how Nairobi prostitutes use witchcraft to attract clients and in turn make millions.

Here is the confession courtesy of Kiliman mums private group in facebook

“I am here to tell these ladies my life as a prostitute. How I got in and how I opened my own brothel. How brothel owners use witchcraft and how I left it all behind and got saved.

I came to Nairobi in 2006 to join college. I was good in class but I did not make it to the third year because I lacked school fees. So mimi huyo nikafkuzwa shule and that’s how the hustle began.

I used to stay on Jogoo road with my sister. We lived in a single room. No water or electricity and rent was 3k. My sister worked in town and was being paid 5k salary. That was rent, food, fare.

Ile time I was still in college before nifkuzwe I remember she used to leave me 50bob asubuhi. Hiyo ni breakfast, fare na lunch Maji tulikuwa tunaiba usiku kwa communal tap juu enyewe 15 bob was too much money at that time. Kulala tulilala njaa. Supper was always beans bila anything ya kukula na hizo beans. We had bebad makaa na beans from ushago so we had stock. When i remember those days I do not cry, i thank God coz penye niko saa hii its through Him.” She started

After giving access account on how she joined brothel,she continued to expose the rot in business

“Me and another chic who had become my friend from day we changad and bought a matress na blanket. Picked a space and ikakuwa yetu. Usiku you had to sleep ready na bikini na heels juu hata 2am ama 3am customers used to come na lazima uamke upange line na usmile. Hii brothel ndio nilijulia witchcraft.

Btw my friends, family and former classmates all knew me nafanya modelling lol. And also in the lenana brothel hakukuwa na kutoka nje btw. Hata shop tao ni mtu mmoja alikuwa anaenda ama sunday the only day we were allowed kwenda home mtu alikuwa anafanya shopping ya the whole wk juu hakuna kutoka. Business was good. I used to get 3k per customer. 1k ya Madam ya room 2k yangu.

Na kuna book ukiingia your name is written there so that the Madam knows you owe her. Where the brothel was it was a flat. The brothel was downstairs and the other houses had tenants. Madam used to live 3rd flr and had three kids. Aki that mama used to make money. Per day i think she never got less than20k . Na mimi per day not less than 8k.

But kulikuwa na wenye you never messed with- Two girls. One was Nigerian and the other one Ugandan. They both hated each other juu ya compe. And they both had their own witchdoctors wa Tz. Kuna siku aki the Nigerian one put a piece of paper with some powder under the pillow of the Ugandan. Asubuhi the UG girl used to wake up early kuoga ndio apatwe fresh na masaraga before anyone else. So venye anakunja duvet yake na pillow she got the paper. Kufungua na powdery stuff ikamwagika and kusoma the paper was written ‘bark like a dog’. That day drama….. btw that UG chic used to get 60k per week hata 80k. We saw her accounts coz alifungua bar UG and she was i think keeping records of how much she makes.

That time prostitution paid a lot of money. But na wewe ukijulikana u get money the other girls wanakuroga. I believe that is what happened to me then. Sio ati ile kurogwa unachizi, hapana. You just stop getting as much money. Yaani watu wanaingia kwa room mara kama 6 na wewe huchaguliwi hata mara moja.

I started getting 1k a day and there was a lady who had been there longer(she was 45 btw) she told me thats what happens when you start getting money here. Unaonewa wivu. She also told me the UG lady used to give out ass for 5k and if you wanted without a CD it was 8k hence the 60-80k she was making.” Recalls the woman