My Mother Tells Me I am Handsome But When I approach Women They Run Away, Please Help A Brother


Middle aged man from Iten has taken his desperate move to social media to narrate his ordeal on women.

The man says, his mother brags in the village that she has the most handsome boy than all.


While in school, girls liked being around him but when he matured enough to secure himself lover things turned south.

He is brave, got good papers and above all a broad smile but still single;

Read the post below;

 My name is Peter from Iten.I have a problem with women, here is what I am undergoing.

I was born a brave boy, and even voted the most handsome pupil in my school during a contest. I grew up knowing women love me.

I am now mature and ready to marry but I have a problem with women. Every time I approach a lady, she runs like she has seen a disaster. I try to explain why I am the best man in her life but she sneers at me.I have tried in more than 10 occasions to ask my mother whether I am handsome, and she always say,”yes”.Since I trust my mum more than these silly girls I don’t even need to look at myself in the mirror.

I am now asking, what trick can I use to win a beautiful woman. Please help a desperate brother