Man Cries Out; I Was R@ped By A Woman At A Night Club Party But My Girlfriend Thinks I Cheated On Her

she rapist
she rapist

Middle aged man has shared his story on Reddit, a social networking site, telling people of his worst experience in a night club

On his ordeal, the man says he was rapped by a woman, but his girlfriend thinks he cheated on her thus wants nothing to do with him.

‘I was r@pped, but my girlfriend thinks I cheated on her and wont talk to me, is there anything I can do to prove am telling the truth?’

A few years ago, I was at a house party, and I’d had what could politely be described as a bit too much to drink. My girlfriend tried to convince me to leave with her, but I assured her I was having fun and would be fine, and she somehow understood me even though I almost certainly sounded like I was speaking Dothraki at that point.

It soon became clear to me that “fine” was a planet I had left hours ago, so I found a couch to crash on.

From here on out, every part of this story would be absolutely typical of a sexual assault … if the genders were reversed. In fact, if I were female, many of you would literally be saying, “Are you crazy? This is how people get raped!” as you read this next part.

A resident of the house, being a good hostess, generously offered to stash me away in the relative privacy of her bedroom. Sometime later, another woman who was at the party came into the room, got into bed with me, and started trying to convince me to have sex with her. My memory