I Loved Jacob Juma Dearly, Cheryl Gitonga Finally Speak

I Loved Jacob Juma Dearly, Cheryl Gitonga Finally Speak
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Cheryl Gitonga, the mysterious woman who met Jacob Juma lastly before he was murdered has finally addressed the alleged affair

After a long silence today we leak for you a message retrieved from her-Cheryl Gitonga- phone on what seems to be a confession she is making about the death of the tycoon Jacob juma.

Read bellow, its shocking,
This letter is as received

“First i have to say that i have been having sleepless night ever since the death of the man i loved so dearly, i have been trying to cope with the situation has been so bad, the loneliness has almost killed me, i love this man Juma with all my heart.

A lot of stories have been said by Kenyans, i wonder what their sources have been, none of them ever got close to the truth, nobody really knew this man Juma as well as i did, i spent so much time with the love of my heart, today i have decided to really pen this down and tell Kenyans really what they need to know, the truth and the truth alone, i want to set myself free, i want to get this load off my my, i don’t really care if this will land me in Kamiti, or whether am gonna rote in jail……………….

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