Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Narrates How Painful It Was Seeing Her Lying In Bed Helpless During Childbirth


Beautiful TV news anchor and mother Janet Mbugua has opened up her life by posting intimate memories about her and her new family online.

Following in these footsteps is her hubby, Eddie Ndichu.

Eddie has written about his harrowing experience hours before Janet Mbugua gave birth to their son, Huru.

“It has been over 14 months but I remember the day vividly. I was escorted to the doctors changing rooms to wear pair of scrubs. I was shaking with nerves. I couldn’t feel my entire body as I changed. The thoughts going through my head were that this is really happening and that my wife is on a table all by herself. I should rush. Is there something I could have done to prepare for this moment?” Eddie wrote in Janet Mbugua’s blog.

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“I make it into the theatre and find her small body lay on the table all covered in surgical cloth. She smiles and I see she is awake and nervous. She says, “I can’t feel anything”. So I hold her hand and kiss her forehead gently. I said to her, “This is really happening”. Our charming Doctor narrates, “Not far to go… any minute now”, as his team operates on my wife. By this time I am sweating. All I could hope is that he is going to be in one piece. Two eyes, two ears, ten fingers and toes. Is he going to be of sound mind? Have all his body parts developed completely? Will he breathe, will he cry? Then in a matter of seconds the doctor literally flings him in the air and says ‘Here he is’! This tiny little body hanging in the air covered in mucus. I barely got a glimpse of his face before they sent him have his cord cut. I see tears on my wife’s face as she lays helplessly. I could see how badly she wanted to hold him. I clench her hand even tighter and console her. He was whisked away for normal checks and a wipe down. The doctor allows me to go around and watch the nurse and him. In my excitement I go around the from where my dear wife is cut open…. That’s for another blog!!!,” he continued.

There you go!! chills too run down men’s spine!!