Heartbreaking Story! Sponsor Left Me HIV Positive And 2 Months Pregnant

girl infected by sponsor
girl infected by sponsor

Young  woman took to social media to share her experience in the mrcies of her aging  lover.

She shared her experience on Facebook and it has since gone viral as her name got lost in the re-sharing.

The message, however, remained clear as it goes.

“After classes on a Friday me and my friends had gone to a popular joint in Westlands, 4 older gentlemen came over to our table and offered us drinks (proper drinks), we agreed and over the next 2 months it was play and fun, they would invite us to hotels and have fun with us, pay us well which I now know is prostitution,” began the lady.

She further narrated how one of the men began taking care of her financial needs, to the extent of comparing her father to him.

“The guy I landed was nothing short of rich and he gave me pocket money, unlike my dad who gave me 4k a month he would give me 20k every two weeks, I could get all the shoes and clothes I wanted. I was lucky enough to move from the hostels near Chiromo to a one bedroom in parklands,”continued the lady.

This lady began neglecting her relationship with her campus boyfriend and started despising him and his cheap gifts because he was no longer “on her level.

She further explained how she paid no attention to her friends who attempted to advise her considering she was missing classes and to also take care of herself.

“After 9 months of happiness, the guy changed he would only see me on weekends or send his driver to pick me up; his driver was a kind guy and through him I learned the hard truth that my new man was married and had a daughter my age, apparently I was not the only girl the driver would pick up,”lamented the lady.

Apparently, her sponsor turned out to be a habitual fisi in Langata and Westlands environs.

“I was angry at myself but then again the 42′ inch Samsung was delivered to my place the following Monday with an apology from my hubby as I had grown to know him, to say I was stupid and blind would be an understatement,” continued the lady.

She would later fall ill and get admitted to hospital with a minor illness but the medication did not work on her. She decided to see another doctor at Nairobi hospital after her “hubby” funded her, and it was then she received the news that she was two months pregnant and HIV positive.

“After breaking the news to the guy he took off and said I had been seeing someone else, the following day 8 guys showed up at my house with a moving truck, at this point, you realize there is no dif between you and a visitor. Out went my beautiful TV, sofa, Queen size bed, my tables and carpets were all loaded into a truck and taken away,” said the lady.

She was left with a few clothes, broke, ashamed with an unplanned pregnancy and a disease.

“With the 3k I had I went back home and my mother ………..read more next page