CONFESSION; My Wife Taught Me A Lesson, I Will Never Cheat Again

Man cheating

Before starting any relationship, the involved parties always promise to “Never Cheat”. However, this has just remained to be a promise that is never fulfilled leading to many homes breaking down.

While some people say that they are in a “Situationship” and not a relationship, some are just born philanderers.

In a shocking confession about how one man, “Man Simo” was treated after cheating on his wife for a very long time, Man Simo regrets his acts and opened up to us about his ordeal. Many are victims though.

Below is his story;

My wife and I have been married for nine years now and have two children, A boy who is Eight years old and a girl, Five years old.

As days turned to months and months to years, I started feelings like my wife was not giving me enough of her honey pot. Every time I tried to raise the matter, she couldn’t listen. All she would say is that I like complaining too much.

I could not stand these. I started eyeing other ladies out there. When I go with friends in a club, I would take some reasonable amount of liquor and start seducing bartenders or any other woman that I could spot.

In the beginning, it was a risky affair. It was…

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