Big Mama Confession; Internet Is Going Crazy!


Wonders will never end!! While doing strolls on the internet this morning, I come across this confession

I read; Mums I don’t care how some of you will react but I believe I have a unique situation and maybe their is someone else who can relate.I have experienced something that have decided to raise today and its about my past relationships with men.I believe I have a natural charm(juju) that I was born with not the one you go to a mganga to make the men you’ve dated never leave you or men go crazy about you, no and I don’t support mambo ya waganga coz am a believer, am talking about something unique about me yani whenever I have sex with a man akuna venye ataniacha he’ll just follow me like a dog on heat yaani even if nikatae the man in whatever manner they won’t leave me and pia Ts not the styles za sex ama about being beautiful no it’s about my natural charm and through the experience have had for a long time to the point where am not proud of it anymore coz at some point I start pityn the men and sometimes hot women than me normally wonder what’s so special with me that men go crazy and can’t move on from me,others started speculating there is something I do to a guy that makes them never let go of me.The natural charm inside me does not protect me from being hurt or breaking up with a guy it makes them want a serious relationship with me even if the sex was just a one night stand and prevents them from ever letting go of me after breaking up wth them and some have acted crazy on wanting me back to a situation where have felt really embarrassed for the crazy act.Married women should avoid throwing stones because I normally avoid married men ju I know the moment al involve myself with a married man he’ll just leave his wife for me ama atawai itisha his wife nunu he’ll just be thinking abt my nunu coz of my natural charm and I know this because of my past experience e.g thea was a very hot guy i met whom I later came to find out was engaged with someone else, he refused to let go of me after some sex and akakatalia nguo zangu eti sitatoka kwake coz he has found a wife in me but i knew his reaction was a result of my natural charm,ths situation has confused me in chosing a man i want for life. Some of you mums will suggest I let go of sex BT si nitablock.Av you ladies ever seen men who are fighting for a woman whom maybe you think is not worth the fight? That’s me coz of my natural charm.You can throw stones for all I care but be lucky I can’t stand cries of a woman whose husband has been snatched by MWK so I try to avoid married men.No need of mafeelings #Natural juju