Activist Bonface Mwangi Reveals The Real Jacob Juma Killer


Controversial human rights activist Bonface Mwangi stirred trouble with DP Ruto when he posted a Tweet on his account linking the DP directly with the murder of slain businessman Jacob Juma.

After few minutes , The Deputy President responded to this post and promised to see to it that Boniface faces the law for the accusations he made against him without any legal evidence.

Now, in response to DP’s threats, Boniface Mwangi has rudely asked the DP to sue him to the highest courts if he so wishes.

Boniface who is represented by lawyer Gitobu Imanyara stated that he is ready to face the DP and his threats in court if need be.

He also added that he hopes to not be eliminated by the DP the same way he killed Jacob Juma.

The controversial human rights activist said that he owes no one any apologies and will not withdraw his statement.

Kenyans at large want to know who killed Jacob Juma and earlier reports indicated that William Ruto had a hand on his death.

Well Kenyan activists however had the guts to go on a live interview to name the killers. According to Boniface Mwangi, George Muchai and Jacob Juma were killed by the police.

His comments did not go down with the panelists prompting them to visit earlier incidences in which Boniface Mwangi poured blood on police spokesperson.

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