Cheating in relationship

Does He Do These? Top SIGNS that Your Husband is Cheating On You

With the increase in marriage divorce and break ups, it is important to really understand what could be happening behind scenes, signs of a cheating husband
unhappy couple

Qualities You Should Never Accept In A Serious Relationship

You can settle on plenty of things in life: Where to have dinner for your mom’s birthday, for instance, or booking the less expensive,...

Dating Tips: Awakening Call To Date Someone Else

You’ve been dating your man for a while now and things are starting to get a bit more serious. Weekend plans don’t need to...

Ladies Pay Attention: Things You Must Do To Never Get Played By Men

You’re tired of investing time and energy in the wrong men, only to end up frustrated, hurt, and empty-handed again and again. You’ve worked...

We Innocently Wanted To Spice Our S3X Life, But The Worst Happened

Kenyan woman has shared a shocking adultery revelation that has left many people gaped.Legally, Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and...
12 Weeks foetus aborted

Heartbreaking Revelations About Babies Who Survive Abortion

In Kenya, abortion is a crime. We sampled a few heartbreaking revelations from nurses about babies who survive it and how they are left to die

Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is How You Differentiate Taking Strolls In The Park And...

Not every relationship is a relationship; sometimes we enter a partnership that we call a relationship but in reality it isn’t even close to...

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How your Facebook account can be deleted once you die

Lawyer Kibuna, encourages the public as they write their Will to include every details of their social media accounts and passwords to give the executor

The expensive Sonko-like lifestyle of 28 year old man accused of stealing 3.9 Billion...

Earlier on after rumors of his crime surfaced on social media, Alex claimed innocence to his Facebook followers and recently posted this: I told you guys

Musician Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar Kills 2 in Accident Along Sagana-Makutano Road [PHOTO]

Musician Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar Kills 2 in Accident Along Sagana-Makutano Road [PHOTO]

BREAKING:Pastor Pius Muiru Mourning, Loved One Killed

Mother to Nairobi pastor Pius Muiru who has been missing from last week may have been kidnapped,killed and buried secretly

Woman selling off minors to old men exposed

Thika Town was treated to a rare spectacle on Tuesday 21 when a middle aged woman was paraded in Majengo estate