kamba ladies

Shocking Facts About Kamba Women, Reasons To Think Twice Before Settling With One

Switching to Eastern region, Kamba land, three counties-machakos, kitui and makueni- is where they are naturedsince now you know about Luo women and their...
Things About Luo Women That Every Single Man Interested In Them Must Know About

Interesting Things About Luo Women That Every Single Man Interested In Them Must ...

After we pre emptied things Bachelors Interested On Kisii Ladies should know before Committing To Her, Today we are revealing who is a luo lady
kisii woman-corazon kwamboka

Bachelors Interested On Kisii Ladies, Here Are The Things To Know Before Committing To...

Little or none is known about Kisii women, who are among the most reserved women in Kenya, perhaps competing with Ugandan women. oooops!!1. They...

World Deadliest Disease than HIV/AIDS and How to Prevent

EbolaEbola is the leading deadliest disease in the world. It is believed to have originated in West Africa. Ebola is caused by a virus....
Cheating in relationship

Does He Do These? Top SIGNS that Your Husband is Cheating On You

With the increase in marriage divorce and break ups, it is important to really understand what could be happening behind scenes, signs of a cheating husband
Confirmed Facts, Types Of Women Men Should Never Consider Marrying

Confirmed Facts, Types Of Women Men Should Never Consider Marrying

There comes a time in life when one needs to settle down, grow a family and always standby your partners side for better or...

Male Parent Pose As A Major problem In The Community

Kibera slum is one of the largest slums in the world, it is highly populated and the number is increasing on a high rate.Most...

Learn About -Hydrocephalus- Excess Fluid In Brain That This Boy Is Suffering From

The featured Two-year-old boy –Emon- has been diagnosed with a health condition called hydrocephalusThis condition has worsened since he has a head that weighs...

We Innocently Wanted To Spice Our S3X Life, But The Worst Happened

Kenyan woman has shared a shocking adultery revelation that has left many people gaped.Legally, Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and...
12 Weeks foetus aborted

Heartbreaking Revelations About Babies Who Survive Abortion

In Kenya, abortion is a crime. We sampled a few heartbreaking revelations from nurses about babies who survive it and how they are left to die

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Why Being A Kenyan MCA Is A Lucrative Venture! See Whopping Salaries Pocketed Every...

Kenyan MP’s for the longest time possible have been ranked the second-highest paid lawmakers in the world, beating their counterparts from the developed economies of US, Britain and Japan.

BREAKING! Renowned Nollywood Actor Is Dead

BREAKING! Renowned Nollywood Actor Id Dead


Jacqueline Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda has been the Kenyan sweetheart because of her charming character “Wilbroda” on Citizen TV’s hit comic dra

This Man Is The Cheaters Superstar; He Married Best Friends The Same Day; Full...

The rule is that when caught cheating, DENY DENY and DENY! But that was not the case with this city millionare.

BREAKING! ODM Paul Otuoma Resigns From The Party ( EVIDENCE)

Dr. Paul Otuoma has officially resigned from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party amid reasons better known by self.

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