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No More Lipstick! Head teacher Orders Teachers Not To Wear Makeups

No More Lipstick! Head teacher Orders Teachers Not To Wear Makeups

An official letter was written directly to all the female teachers who were apparently making the students wear makeups from watching the teachers wear...

Shock As A Cat Has Been Diagnosed With HIV Virus, This Is How

A cat in Nairobi has been diagnosed with a virus similar to HIV/AIDS in human beings.The cat was diagnosed by pathologists from Lancet Laboratories Kenya after...
Uhuru Kenyatta, Willian Ruto, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula

Hilarious Clip Of DP Ruto Referring Cord Leader Raila Odinga As “Boss” The Response...

Raila met with Uhuru and Ruto at statehouse and Reports indicate that the agenda of the meeting could be the current standoff regarding the fate...

Sportpesa Menace: Driver Causes Accident While Driving And Betting At The Same Time

A driver is reported to have caused a nasty accident after driving and betting at the same time in Nakuru- Nairobi highwayAccording to the survivor...

Revealved; Sign And Symptoms Of B00ty Madness, Are You A Victim? (Video)

While #teamMafisi SACCO is growing day in day out in membership. The famous disease, B00ty madness is getting in and here are the effects.
Shock As 9 Primary School Girls of Same School Are found Pregnant!

Woman Aborts Fetus Leaves It By Road Side

A middle aged woman in Migori County is reported to have allegedly aborted a fetus and leaving it by road sideThe incident is said...
Crazy Monday

CRAZY; Date Bounces Leaving Viagra-fueled Kisumu man’s ‘dudu’ At Full Mast For Two Days

CRAZY CONFESSION; Date Bounces Leaving Viagra-fueled Kisumu man's 'dudu' At Full Mast For Two Days. Catch the drama that unfolded

Funny #teamMafisi Proverbs That You Should Be Keen When Said

If you think you are strong enough to stand in front of #teamMafisi, well, you should know that they can do anything to get a taste of your "nunu".

Man Kills Wife, Eats Her Intestines And Other Parts Of Her Body

A man from Chikwawa district, Malawi killed a woman and ate parts of her flesh. According to reports, the murderer was then killed by...

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Why Being A Kenyan MCA Is A Lucrative Venture! See Whopping Salaries Pocketed Every...

Kenyan MP’s for the longest time possible have been ranked the second-highest paid lawmakers in the world, beating their counterparts from the developed economies of US, Britain and Japan.

BREAKING! Renowned Nollywood Actor Is Dead

BREAKING! Renowned Nollywood Actor Id Dead


Jacqueline Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda has been the Kenyan sweetheart because of her charming character “Wilbroda” on Citizen TV’s hit comic dra

This Man Is The Cheaters Superstar; He Married Best Friends The Same Day; Full...

The rule is that when caught cheating, DENY DENY and DENY! But that was not the case with this city millionare.

BREAKING! ODM Paul Otuoma Resigns From The Party ( EVIDENCE)

Dr. Paul Otuoma has officially resigned from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party amid reasons better known by self.

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