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Reasons Why Most Kikuyu Men Don’t Marry Luo Ladies

Luo women are extremely good in bed while Kikuyu men are average. Since some things don’t add up here, it’s hard for Luo women to survive in this marriage.

Lupita Nyong’o Is HIV Positive-American Publication

“I told him and he told me not to tell anyone , I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and that is why I know what I’m doing is for the greater good,

Years Later, Heartbreaking Details Emerge On How Sitya Loss Ghetto Kid Dancer Alex Died

Alex’s death left many music lovers and dancers in shock since it was untimely.

Emotional Story!!! Margaret Kenyatta Tells What Killed Their Child

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is so passionate about #BeyondZero campaign which may seem just a PR campaign for President Uhuru ahead of August elections

Very Inspiring!! MCA Tricky Journey To Success!

Very Inspiring!! MCA Trick Journey To Success!

Machakos Governor Mutua And Wife Lilian Introduces Their Daughter! She’s Beautiful!

After Keeping Kenyans Guessing, Finally The Truth About Governor Mutua And Wife Lilian Daughter Photo On Social Media.

Man Weeps In Bitterness After Realizing He Threw An Expensive Wedding To A Transgender

Middle aged man’s post on social media is causing buzz after he narrated he learned about his wife’s manhood after their wedding.

How Jackie Vike Baby Shower went down (Tantalizing photos)

How Jackie Vike Baby Shower went down (Tantalizing photos)

Duale Says ‘They’ Are Very Very Happy For The Drought Experienced Country Wide (video)

As Kenyans cried of their lost investment due to the death of their animals as a result of the drought, comrades and Duale were very very happy.

Kiambu Women Stage Peaceful Protests Over Poor Bedroom Performance

would not be a wonder if we start looking for men to sire our children. Our husbands will not know anything. We will trick them that the pregnancies are theirs and they will support us

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