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Moses Kuria is Sweet, Charity Mwangi Miss Kenya 2015 opens up about their relationship

Bad news spread as fast as waves. Months ago the inter-webs went berserk after mongers roumered that Charity Mwangi and Legislator Kuria Had an affair.

My Mother Tells Me I am Handsome But When I approach Women They Run...

My Mother Tells Me I am Handsome But Women Have Rejected me, Please Help a Brother

Kiambu Women Stage Peaceful Protests Over Poor Bedroom Performance

would not be a wonder if we start looking for men to sire our children. Our husbands will not know anything. We will trick them that the pregnancies are theirs and they will support us

Notorious Goat Rapists Gives a 5 Minutes Confession as to Why He Rapes Goats

Mi naomba tu ata kama watu wako hapa wanisaidie tu, waende tu waniangalie tu yani, mi sijui nko na shida gani”

SHARE This Video Widely!!! Kenyan Girl In Saudi Arabia Being Mistreated (Video)

Video making headlines shows a Kenyan lady who recorded herself while in the bathroom to show the world the miseries she is been going through.

THIS IS TRUE LOVE: President Kenyatta Reveals How He Met His love Margret Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday morning engaged Kenyans in a live chat on his official Facebook page answering questions on his administration.

Shocking Fresh Details On Dead K.U Student Leader Emerge, A must Read For All

Shocking Fresh Details On Dead K.U Student Leader Emerge, A must Read For All

R.I.P; Zari Hassan’s Mother Dies At Kampala Hospital

“You will forever be loved our Old Sun, us as your kids were given the best from God as our mother. We appreciate all you did for

Revealed: This is Why KTN’s Betty Kyalllo Covers The Left Side Of Her Neck

Sometimes, that part that few have seen is expertly covered with her lush weaves or shyly with her hand.

Finished; ‘She aborted our baby’ – Vera Sidika’s ex-Nigerian boyfriend shares messy Details

“Knowing so well I wasn’t pregnant. But with agreeing. He still wouldn’t let me be. Claimed I wanna abort coz I’m not patient wit him etc”She narrated

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